Current and Past Organisations, Associations and Committees

Mr. Scipio is or was a member of the following associations and committees.

Law Society of England & Wales

The professional association for solicitors admitted to practice in England & Wales.

Honourable Society of the Inner Temple

One of the four traditional Inns of Court, the professional associations for barristers called to the Bar of England & Wales.

Parole Board of Anguilla

The Parole Board is chaired by Mr Scipio and was established pursuant to the Parole of Prisoners Act, 2010 to make decisions or recommendations regarding the release of prisoners on licence.

Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court Rules Revision Committee

This Committee was chaired by the Hon Chief Justice of the OECS Supreme Court and undertook a comprehensive review of the Rules of Procedure of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court. The new Civil Procedure Rules approved by this Committee, and based on the English Civil Procedure Rules, were implemented in May 2001.

Anguilla Law Revision Committee

Chaired by Mr. Scipio and undertook and provided guidance for an extensive consolidation and revision of the laws of Anguilla between 1997 and 2000.

Society For Advanced Legal Studies

This Society is for “individuals who have exhibited distinction in contributing directly or indirectly to any one or more of the following in the United Kingdom or elsewhere: legal scholarship, the teaching of law, the practice of law and the administration of the law” (taken from the Rules and Regulations of the Society for Advanced Legal Studies).

Commonwealth Magistrates’ and Judges’ Association

Part of the objects of this association is the advancement of legal education, the administration of justice, the treatment of offenders and the prevention of crime within the Commonwealth.

Anguilla National Anti-Money Laundering Committee

Set up to monitor the operations of the anti-money laundering legislation and regulations in Anguilla with a view to producing recommendations for amendments and guidelines where deficiencies are discovered.

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Securities Exchange Committee

Established to consider and produce model legislation and regulations for the implementation of a Securities Exchange in the Eastern Caribbean jurisdiction. The Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange is now functioning and is the first formal securities exchange of the Eastern Caribbean.

Convocation/University of London

Established by Charter in 1858 but discontinued in 2002 because of dwindling membership.

Alumni Association/University of London

This is a relatively new body established for graduates of the University. It is still in the process of developing its objects and reasons.


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