Welcome to the website of Ronald Scipio Q.C.

This website will provide you with information about Mr. Scipio’s background, qualifications, experience and services he will be providing as Queen’s Counsel on his return to private practice.

Mr. Scipio is one of only two Queen’s Counsel appointed in Anguilla. Anguilla is a United Kingdom Overseas Territory located in the North Eastern Caribbean. It is an associate member of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, which comprises 6 island states and 3 UK Overseas Territories. The OECS is a Commonwealth common law jurisdiction modeled on the UK English Legal System (http://www.eccourts.org/). The highest appellate Court is the Privy Council sitting in London.

Anguilla’s main industries are tourism and financial services. It is currently undergoing a rapid phase of development that is attracting much inward investment. (http://www.fsc.org.ai/).


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